“Everyone Said It Would Be Like A Country Song” (flash fiction) nominated for Best of the Net 2021 by Tiny Molecules https://www.tinymolecules.com/awards

“Then You’re In Kansas” included in the Wigleaf Top 50 2020 Longlist (originally published in Bending Genres https://bendinggenres.com/2019/06/11/l-mari-harris/ Issue 9, June 2019)

“Nothing Grows at the Sunflower Motel” included in the April 2020 Friction Series horoscope story selections Friction Series. (Story originally published in Trampset Feb 11, 2020.)

Mr. Bear’s Violet Hour Saloon/The Secret Lives of Stuffed Animals show #230 featured my stories, original air date January 5, 2020, on Boston Free Radio. Listen to the hour-long podcast here Mr Bear’s Violet Hour Saloon

“Mona and Maribel” (flash fiction) nominated for the 2021 Pushcart Prize XLV by Milk Candy Review

“Cannibals” (flash CNF) a finalist in the 2019 The Forge Literary Magazine’s Flash Competition  The Forge Literary Magazine

“Your Addiction Has Affected Me in the Following Ways” (CNF) nominated for Best of the Net 2019 by cahoodaloodaling

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