“Let’s” in matchbook, published January 11, 2021

“Girl As Weather Disturbance” in Ponder Review, Vol 4, Issue 2, published December 2020

“Girl As Home Movies on the Family Room Wall” in Bandit Fiction, published October 13, 2020

“The Story We Told After Her Father Left” in (mac)ro(mic), published August 12, 2020

“We Consider Ourselves Among The Lucky Ones” in Pithead Chapel Vol 9, Issue 5; published May 1, 2020
“The Exterminator” in Ghost Parachute  published April 1, 2020
“Nothing Grows At The Sunflower Motel” in Trampset published February 11, 2020
“They’re Not Confessions If We Don’t Tell Anyone” in Crack The Spine issue 259, published January 27, 2020
“Birds” in Cheat River Review  issue 13, published January 16, 2020
“Everyone Said It Would Be Like a Country Song” in Tiny Molecules issue 3, published December 13, 2019 (nominated for Best of the Net 2021)
“Pinky Swear and Double Dog Dare You’ll Stay Forever, Robby Kidman” in Flash Fiction Magazine published November 7, 2019
“This Story Probably Won’t Mean What You Think It Will” in Lost Balloon published October 9, 2019
“Mind What’s Good” in X-R-A-Y Lit published September 9, 2019
“Mona and Maribel” in Milk Candy Review published August 22, 2019 (nominated for 2020 Pushcart Prize)
“The Woman Who Rebuilt Her Husband” in  MoonPark Review issue 7, Spring 2019
“The Annual Bountiful Harvest Blessing of Arthur County, Nebraska” in  Riggwelter Press issue 18, February 2019
“Little Treasures” in Amethyst Review published May 16, 2018
“Need” in Silk Road Review issue 19, Summer 2018

Non Fiction

“At The Animal Level” in XRAY Lit, published August 3, 2020

“Cannibals” in Bending Genres, issue 15, June 2020

“Barley The Color of a Wild Horse” in Atticus Review published June 27, 2019

“Then You’re in Kansas” in Bending Genres issue 9, June 2019 (Wigleaf Top 50 2020 Longlist)
“Your Addiction Has Affected Me in the Following Ways:” in cahoodaloodaling issue 28, Winter 2019 (nominated for Best of the Net 2019)
“The Killing Time” in Memoir Mixtapes vol 4, April 2018


“How to Write a Love Poem People Won’t Roll Their Eyes At” in Gravel April 2019
“Love Story” in 8 Poems issue 1.7, January 2019
“All We Ever Wanted Was Everything” in Memoir Mixtapes vol 7, November 2018
“A Good Dog” in Bird’s Thumb vol 5, issue 3, October 2018
“The Middle of Sorrows”, “When You Think You’ve Said Goodbye to Versailles”, & “You Can’t Have Me” in Headway Lit issue 1, May 2018
“Bleed”, “Tornado”, “The Sandhill Cranes of Doniphan, Nebraska Mourn the Death of My Child”, & “Mothers Do Not Move On” (collaborative poem with Elizabeth Horan) in the collaborative chapbook On This Path We Travel, published by Moonchaps Press March 2018
“Stone Fruit” in the Same issue 8.1, April 2018
“My Beautiful Friend”, “When We Skipped School”, & “When You Left Me at a Gas Station” in Black Fox Literary Magazine issue 16, Summer 2017


“Then You’re in Kansas” included in The Bending Genres Anthology 2018/2019 (originally published in issue 9, June 2019) The Bending Genres Anthology 2018/2019
“Barley the Color of a Wild Horse” included in the Atticus Review annual anthology volume 3, 2020 (originally published June 27, 2019) Atticus Review Annual Anthology
“Stone Fruit” included in the anthology Here Now: An Anthology of Women Writers by The Same, edited by Rachel Holbrook. ISBN # 978-1798876367 Here Now: An Anthology of Women Writers

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